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The Urban Attitude Bearing

1,490,000 ฿

The Urban Attitude Bearing - E14 Bearing, BTS Thailand
Beds: 1   Baths: 1   M2: 26   
Reason to buy The Urban Attitude Bearing is a luxurious yet affordable condominium designed to truly capture the essences of modernized urban living.
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1,690,000 ฿

ASPIRE Erawan - E14 Bearing, BTS Thailand
Beds: 1   Baths: 1   M2: 26   
ASPIRE ERAWAN Design Your Living "The right mix of style and function" was inspired by the style.Modern Japanese Mix fit into the style Industries Co., Ltd. The result is a design that Discover (...)
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The Gallery

2,574,307 ฿

The Gallery - E14 Bearing, BTS Thailand
Beds: 1   Baths: 1   M2: 29   
The Gellery-Bearing(Sukhumvit 107),offers modern and stylish urban high rise condominium where style meets perfectly with function right in the heart of Bangkok.Aiming to provide tasteful desing and (...)
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